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“Justice for all”


“Protect the equal environmental rights of the people & environment and promote ecological sustainability by supporting ecologically sound community activities”


Improve environmental justice, good governance and ecological democracy, Promote sustainable development and environmental responsible communities, Encourage community participation in decision making on natural resource. Safeguard nature, eco system and defend frond frontline communities from human rights violations and campaign. Promote environmental Justice and equity through legal and other means.

Our Dream

Water, air, land, are the basic natural resources for life. The earth is our mother. Oceans, forests, rivers, wetlands, arid zones even deserts are the habitats for living things. Humans, as well as all other living things have a right to nature and its resources. We all have equal environmental rights.

The Natural environment is at risk today. Good environmental governance is far behind our expectations. We believe that environmental protection should be done at all levels. While government has a major role to play, every citizen has a responsibility to care for the environment in which we live.

Centre for Environmental Justice is a new initiative to protect the environment, to ensure equal environmental rights for all people and to promote ecological sustainability by supporting environmentally sound community activities.

Our Dream is to see a world that does not fight over nature and its resources; to see environmental peace within and across borders and to see and live in environmentally responsible communities. We hope to see a world which shares the remaining natural resources and respects the environmental rights of all. Our task is to protect and conserve these natural resources; to preserve the ancient wisdom that enabled us to live in harmony with nature; to fight for better environmental governance for a sustainable future and for a better world which has environmental justice and equity.

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