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Welcome to the home of the first journal specialising in environmental law and policy within the South Asian region. The South Asian Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (SAJELP) is the brainchild of a collaboration between the Centre for Environmental Law and Policy (CELP) of the University of Colombo and the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ). The journal is published annually in both print and virtual form.

Each issue of the SAJELP consists of:

  • Four Full articles
  • Two Commentaries
  • One Case Review
  • One Book Review

Each manuscript selected for publication undergoes strict, double-blind peer review to ensure proper academic standards. In addition, a distinguishing feature of this journal is a dedicated section on recent developments in the field of environmental law and policy analysed and summarised by the editorial board. This section aims to encourage our readers to stay abreast of the latest legal trends in addressing environmental concerns within the region.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Encourage authors to identify the most prominent issues and new developments in the field of environmental law and policy
  • Enable authors to analyse and debate the viability of potential solutions to identified problems
  • Provide a platform for researchers interested specifically in environmental law and policy to publish their findings
  • Engage the readership with environmental and legal concerns and disseminate new knowledge and perspectives
  • Contribute towards comparative analyses between different legal systems within the region and beyond
  • To create awareness amongst students, civil society groups, and the general public regarding new developments in the field so that they are well-informed when becoming involved in environment-related initiatives.

Our Commitment to Linguistic Diversity

Although the principal medium of publication is English, the editorial board of the SAJELP strongly believes in the dissemination of information unhindered by language barriers. Considering the high linguistic diversity of the South Asian region, the journal team will, as resources permit, attempt to translate abstracts and executive summaries of the journal content into a variety of languages so as to reach a wider audience. We warmly welcome the support of any authors who are willing to provide a translation of their manuscript in their native tongue.

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